Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Words Matter. Definitions Matter

Words matter. Definitions matter. Have you ever said one thing only to be completely misunderstood? That's why all legislation has a series of definitions right up front. You have definitions in many of your policies even though you don't have a definitions section. Even with definitions, employees can be confused. When do I have enough time to go on vacation?

My Dad was a veteran and the family decided to get a maker for his grave. I think I, my brother, and our spouses all imagined a marker you would put on a pole.  My brother received the package from Veterans Affairs, Memorial Program Service, but hadn't opened it up before he visited me. His wife thought it was quite heavy and large but didn't think too much about it. This Memorial weekend we opened the package ready to go to the cemetery. Imagine our surprise when we received a large brass plaque, one to place on a grave stone or to put directly in the ground. We had to laugh on this Memorial weekend. Have you had an experience where words mattered? Funny or serious?